Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oil Pulling

I am a generally healthy person, with a generally positive attitude about life. I consider each day a gift from God. I value my family, my home, my country. It's great to be alive, and I would like to stay that way for a long time.

Considering that both my mother and grandmother died early, at 65, of cancer, I have been making some changes in my lifestyle. I eliminated wheat and gluten from our diet about four years ago, after my sister told me the symptoms and asked me to do some research. I noticed an immediate change in my overall health. Rashes disappeared. No more cankers. Not as much joint pain. Not as many headaches.

It is easy, in today's world, to accidentally ingest wheat or gluten products. Unless I become a hermit, and never leave my home, I can be "glutened". Even walking into some stores gives me a reaction: itchy ears, headache, swollen tongue.

So, I am constantly on the lookout for gluten-free products. I am on an elimination diet to remove toxins from my system. I read "Alive" magazine, health articles online, and so on. I listen to my friend Loretta (see link in sidebar), who is a naturopathic doctor with great advice.

One of the things Loretta recently mentioned was "oil pulling". I didn't pay attention to it until my daughter, Adeena, sent me this link: .

I read how swishing sesame or sunflower oil in the mouth for 20 minutes in the morning before breakfast will "pull" toxins from the body. "Can't hurt", I thought. "I'll give it a try."

I used sunflower oil. Checked my email while I gently swished and "chewed" the oil, allowing my saliva to mix thoroughly with it. After twenty minutes, I spat into a dish to see if the oil had changed colour and consistency. Behold, white liquid instead of yellow oil!

After rinsing my mouth thoroughly, then brushing my teeth, I was amazed at how clean my mouth felt. It was as if I'd been to the dentist for a cleaning. Each separate tooth was distinguishable from the next - as if it jumped out at me! My tongue was pink and clean. It felt wonderful!

I did notice that I had some phlegm to spit up for about half an hour after the treatment. I assume that was more tiny microbes that my body was eliminating.

After a week, I will report the results. However, if my first experience is any indication, I think this Dr. Karach is on to something.

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