Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chickens and Anniversaries

We picked up 130 chicks today; 30 went to my eldest daughter. We've got them inside the front porch, in a bathtub (rounded corners) with a heat lamp, feed, and water. They are chirping happily, napping lots, eating and pooping. In a couple of months, we'll butcher them and put them into our freezer. In that regard, I want to keep the following website handy.

How to Butcher a Chicken: Go here for step-by-step instructions.

Today was Heather and Steve's 9th anniversary. God has blessed them with four beautiful children, and a lovely home in a tiny town close to us. We are grateful for their marriage, and it was a blessing to have them as our guests for supper this evening.

Nine years has flown by! Before we know it, they'll be married 18, then 27's going to be quick!

Ask me how I know.

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