Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday - Busy Day!

I had every intention of starting my day with reading the Bible and communing with God. I am reading a book by D. A. Carson which discusses the importance of prayer, so I headed out to my computer desk to get myself a notebook in which I could keep notes about the book. The next thing I knew, I was checking email and signing up on Yahoo groups for raising poultry and keeping dogs healthy.

I got my tea drawer cleaned out. I read the Bible with the children (Matthew 10) and prayed with them. Rick phoned, asking me to make some phone calls and compile a list of stores for him. That took a couple of hours. I folded laundry, managed the children and encouraged them to finish their jobs, and before long it was time to take Critter to his soccer game.

I dropped in at Heather's to borrow some chairs to use while watching the soccer match, and found her discouraged with the tasks at hand. She had done a deep cleaning of her kitchen cupboards, but had SO much to do before bedtime. So, I helped her with her dishes, then headed over in time to catch the second half of the game. Critter's team lost, 4-2, but he told me again how happy he was that I had signed him up for soccer. "I had so much fun," he announced.

After taking the chairs back (actually Elena carried them back across the road to Heather's while I stood and watched an older team play) I popped in at Heather's again, and Steve showed me his course material on Critical Thinking and Sociology. I showed him how to add a shortcut onto his desktop, and we figured out a logic problem together.

We got home around 9. I sat with Rick for a bit, and visited with the older kids, then came back out to my computer to check my email. Watched a video of an ex-polygamist.

Now I am heading to bed. It wasn't a bad day, but all day I felt something was missing.

Tomorrow I will start with the Word of God, and prayer.

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