Thursday, June 05, 2008

Either you do or you don't.

I spent a good part of this morning reading this blog. It's about a mother who discovered that her precious unborn daughter was not going to live for long after birth. It's about her struggles and tears, joy and fears. It's about faith. And about grace.

Spend some time there. I know you'll be blessed.

Angie (for that is her name) has gone through this difficult journey trusting in the Lord on the path. She is a great communicator, and has shared her days with great vulnerability.

Sometimes, when we are called to suffer, and make it through great trials, we tend to think that we should have an easy path for a time. That's foolish thinking, of course, because God doesn't owe us anything. Not a child; not a house; not a favourable report from the doctor... not even our next breath. He does know what is best for us, and what will bring Himself the most glory - and in that, we will rejoice, for all eternity.

Troubles come in waves, one after the other. The wind and the rains, the floods and the waves beat upon our house. And those that are built on the Rock, stand.

Angie suffered the loss of her baby girl, then just a few weeks later, her wee nephew died of SIDS.

Read part of her post:

At the end of the day it comes down to this, and for years, when I have been faced with any difficult situations, minor or major, I have told Todd that I have heard God said to me:

Either you do or you don't.

I can't tell you how many times He has made it that simple. Either you believe in Me, or you don't. There is no grey.

And so today, locked in the embrace of my sweet sister-in-law, standing in front of her son's casket, I had to answer...I do.

Nicol and I still bear wounds from our surgeries, and we have no babies to make the pain feel worth it....Lord, I do.

Nicol sang at Audrey's funeral while holding Luke...that image has brought tears to my eyes, none of us knowing what was ahead.....I do.

I stared at his sweet face, and I kept wondering in my head, "What is she doing up there Luke? Tell me what she is like...who she is....what she loves..." I do.

There are no words to express what my eyes have seen today, I feel that even attempting it would be a disservice. It was holiness I have rarely experienced, and I am grateful, so grateful to my Lord, Who loves us enough to make Himself known.

I know that for some of you, it may seem that "luck" is not on our side as a family, that we are victims of chance. I want you to hear me say this loud and clear.

God Himself chose this to happen. Trust me, that is not the easiest sentence I have ever written, because I am human, and I am a grieving mother. I know that none of this is a surprise to Him. That doesn't mean we don't feel every bit of the loss, or that we just go about our lives because it's all okay now. It just means that we are steady in the belief that God knows what we don't, and none of this changes Who He is. None of it.

God Himself Chose This To Happen. Do you believe this?

Either you do or you don't.

When the bills are piling up, and there's no job in sight, I do.

When my health is threatened, and my joints ache, and my neck doesn't seem to be getting better, I do.

God has ordered our steps and ordained what will come to pass. This I believe. This I know.

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Jacqueline said...

Very inpirational post! Thanks for sharing.