Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take a look at these links

The Truth about Global warming: Jeff's Blog. A bit of a rant concerning Al Gore's deception of the American (and unfortunately, Canadian) people.

Counter-cultural homeschooling blog: Worth taking a look at. While you're there, pray for Knox, the 8 year old son of the author. He has a serious abscess and has been hospitalized.

A clearing house of feminine articles: Prairie Muffin.

Yahoo groups on raising poultry: Yard Poultry and Pasture Poultry

It's raining (again) and I am reminded of the blog that has most touched my heart this past month. I was able to tell a gas station attendant today that there is a spiritual lesson in all this rain. "It takes a lot of rain to make the grass green," I quoted. "And, God sends a lot of 'rain' into our lives to mold us into the image of His dear Son." Gas station man agreed, and that blessed me. I can't remember a rainier late spring than what we are experiencing this year. It may be global warming (snicker), but instead of being petulant about all this rain, I find myself contemplating our Beautiful God and His mysterious ways. There's been a lot of spiritual rain, too...but I know that God is working to produce the greenest grass possible. It's all good.

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