Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stubborn Old Lady

Ya gotta love her! The little old lady who lived in this home and drove the small blue car, died on Sunday of pancreatic cancer. It's intriguing to read her obituary. "Money isn't everything," she had insisted when the developers offered her a million dollars to move. She absolutely refused.

When they started banging and clanging in the process of erecting the huge buildings around her, she simply turned up her opera and figured they'd be done some day. She kept on living in her home, feeding her birds, and coming and going as she pleased.

Good for her, I say.


Adeena said...

That is so cool!! They should fix up the house and leave it. Like a museum. Or make it into a park.

Jacqueline said...

Interesting! It sure would be neat if they mad it into som kind of a memorial.

Rachel said...

I could see someone else doing that eh mom?